I will start my blog by…

I will start my blog by showing one of my favorite Christmas films of the “Flying Snowman”. Oh, I always wish I could fly around with my stuffed animal, Softy, through a snowy night. I just love this! The music is so deep…


Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

7 responses to “I will start my blog by…”

  1. I\’m so excited you started a blog. Lots of photos of your baby, please! Can\’t wait to read about all the going-ons in your life.

  2. kristin,I too am excited to hear what\’s going through your noggin\’.Keep it up!I\’ve started one today as well: http://www.joshmerriam.com/blogjoshy

  3. you is cute. and creative. and my best friend. i heart you.

  4. oh that last comment was from kelstar…somehow my name on google is uptown

  5. Oh, Kelstar, I miss you! And Josh (aka Billy Goat) that is too weird that we both started a blog today.

  6. \’bout time chica! Lookin\’ forward to reading your brain.

  7. kelly fugate…what is your blog again?

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