I’m excited!

So, my state of mind this morning is excitement…for a few reasons.
1. My sweet “little sister” young life girl, Aleisha, is getting married. I am so proud.
2. I get the opportunity to be her matron of honor. Wow! What a big responsibility! But oh how fun. If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.
3. I randomly decided to see if I could find my best friend from elementary school last night. And lo and behold, I got an email from her!

Excitement is fun.

3 responses to “I’m excited!”

  1. Do you really still have Softy? I still have Fuzzy, although one of the dogs got hold of his nose. :(-the elementary school best friend!

  2. Who did you contact? Ally G? Esther P? Poopy Mcgee? Megan Dino? Ralph Machio? Henry? Our neighbor George? Also- What is Mt.Cutler?

  3. yes, softy is still about of my life… although she has left my bedroom. josh made me give her up when we got married. :(andrew- i found ali! mount cutler is where josh proposed to me and 7/29 is the date thanks for reading my posts!

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