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My heart was saddened by the loss of my favorite younger male actor- Heath Ledger. I will always cherish the many, many days/nights I watched “10 Things I Hate About You.” I will remember how special and sweet and silly my teenage crush was on him wishing it was me he was singing “I love you baby” on top of the football stadium bleachers. My favorite line- “I hate peas.” And “Knight Tales” was great, too.
By the way, in my personal opinion, my husband looks like Heath Ledger, especially in the mouth. Anyway, that was my respects to my teen heart throb. We will miss you and your talent you brought to the film industry.


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  1. hmmm…watching 10 things with you multiple times and the knights tale soundtrack in your car=goodness…a big sad sigh at the loss of heath ledger.

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