Monday morning

Good morning friends and family! Well, after a weekend of uncanny circumstances revealing so much in Josh and I’s lives, I am tired. Not to mention the 2 beers and then two Tylenol PM’s I had last night due to a friendly visit from Aunt Flo. 🙂 Ha, that reminds me of middle school when we used to say, “It’s snowing in BRA-zil.” Wow. Flashbacks. We went to a friend’s house to watch the first half of the Super Bowl yesterday. It was a lot of fun- projector screen, lots of yummy food, Copeland pushing a baby stroller around for four hours straight. We just love our friends here in Colorado. Every new couple or individual we meet, we are instantly bonded. Such a blessing. Anyway, the Super Bowl… I went into watching the game with really no feelings on who I wanted to win. I thought it would’ve been cool to see the Patriots win their 18th game in a row. But the little sister in me wanted Eli Manning to have a victory for himself and no longer be known as Peyton Mannings little brother. So, I was proud that they one. Amazing last 5 minutes of the game. The one thing that bothers me though is the Patriots couch. He has always given me the hibbey gibbies. Josh and I joked that he got dressed up for the game and wore a different colored hoodie- red instead of his typical gray sweatshirt. Anyway… hope every one had a great Super Bowl Sunday…now, next focus is Super Bowl Tuesday, I mean Super Tuesday.

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