Atlanta News ****Update****

I may have a new nephew here in the next few hours! How exciting! It’s so hard being this far away. With my other nephew, I was there when he was born. So, its hard to not be there this time around. You can do it, Heather!


Asher Andrew Merriam was born at 6:20 EST, 6 lbs. 13oz. 21 inches. Don’t know any more than that at the moment! YEAH!!!!

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  1. YIPEEEE! He looks just like Jackson! Cutie pie.

  2. i hope he\’s as crazy and hilarious as jackson too!!kelly

  3. hey kids,Asher is doing great. He\’s actually 7lbs 13oz if you want to get technical. Who woulda thought we\’d have a nearly 8 pounder.joshy

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