Having fun in the sun, with the piano, with family, and PLAY DOUGH!

Playing in the sun, playing the piano, playing with Nana and Grampy, playing with PlayDough. Gotta love this girl. She makes my heart want to explode with love for her. Even through all this sickness, she still tries to be silly and have a good attitude. I know she isn't perfect, but to me she comes pretty close.

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  1. ok…she is way way way too cute…and a side note…was at the skating rink on saturday night and they played \”You drop the bomb on me\” and i thought of you.heart you and glad that copeland is feeling all better!loves!kelly

  2. I miss seeing you. Copey must be still sick–or you\’re just plain exhausted!!! I\’m sorry. I\’ll be praying for you.

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