Hi, You’ve Reached Kristin Chadwick, Certified Personal Trainer

So after weeks of studying like I have never studied before, I passed my certification exam yesterday morning with gusto! Hallelujah! Whew. I now am certified under ACSM, which is the coolest of cool and hardest of hard sports medicine certifications. I am quite proud of myself, and so thankful to all of those around me helping me out.

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  1. woo hoo!! i so proud of you…maybe i should move back to CO just so you can kick my tail!!heart you!

  2. Super! A huge congrats to you, especially since I know how sleep deprived you\’ve been the past few months. It\’s a wonder you have any brain cells left. Go celebrate!

  3. Thanks, Kelstar! Any time you want a Tin Butt Kickin\’ let me know…we will do the incline again…oh wait, that will make me keel over. Love you! Cathy, really I don\’t have any left. I forgot the simplest things last week, like what exit to get off of on the highway or asked the same question over and over. 🙂 But God got me through it! Hope you had fun on your get-a-way!

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