In 15 hours, I fly solo…

In fifteen hours, I will leave my little family to reunite with my kin to celebrate the life of my grandmother. That means, I will be driving to the airport without a car seat in the back, without worrying about whether or not we will be “that family” on the plane, without my best friend to laugh with or play phase 10 with on an airport floor. But I will embrace this time, as a time of just being…a daughter to my dad and mom, a sister to my brothers, and a granddaughter to my Grammy. I’ve already packed my bag with specific outfits for the next three days. I actually have a bag on the plane without any toys…well, lets just say they are fun things for me to keep occupied. I will read PARENTS magazine, listen to my ipod, read “Eat, Pray, Love”, write down some fitness goals I’ve been wanting to write down (you think I would’ve being a personal trainer and all), oh and yummies- goldfish for just me!!! 🙂

When we get there, I will be excited to see my brothers and my momma. We will all drive in our rented family van (FLASH BACK to the 80s, it needs to be a Mitsubishi Moon Buggy though) to my Grammy’s former assisted living home. Styling, we will arrive and visit with the rest of the family- cousins and aunts and uncles…all in Grammy’s honor. A weekend I am sure full of laughter, sadness, celebrating, and love.

Back at home, my dear hubby will embrace being Mr. Mom with sweet Copey. I pray no sickness or unusual event occurs. I am so thankful that I don’t have to worry about Copeland being in good hands. He is the best of best dads to her. She is the twinkle in his eye. I am sure their weekend will consist of chasing, tickling, laughing, stinking :), movie watching, and many more adventures.

Ah…three days of separation, appreciation, respite, grieving, rejoicing, and love.

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  1. Hey Krispot, your remember when Doogie used to scratch herself and she\’d make that knocking sound on the wood floor in the sun room? That was annoying.

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