To Move or Not to Move

So in the midst of everyday decisions, there is one decision looming over us. Do we move back to Atlanta or not? On one side it would benefit us a great deal with having my family near and also a great place of oppurtunity for Josh to move up in the corporate world. The other side of it is Colorado is where our heart is. We love the culture here of laid back, just enjoy life no matter where you are at. We love our community here. It really is our comfort here. And we do have family here but most live up in Castle Rock and Denver, so thats hard. AH. My brain hurts. My conclusion is we are just going to roll with the punches. See what doors are opened in the next few weeks. Or what doors get closed.

Here are some pictures from our “New Joysey” adventure aka Grammy’s cocktail memorial. It was so much fun hanging out with my brothers, mom, Tracy, and all the extended family who I haven’t seen in years. All my cousins are getting so big! And so are my brother and sister- Noah and Eliza. Its amazing how time flies when you are apart. All in all, the trip was filled with lots of laughter, food, drinks, and memories new and old. We got to visit a plot of land right on the beach where our family used to own an old 1800s beach house, which was torn down and 3 new gaudy houses were built in its place. Sad. But it was so neat to play on that beach again. You know me, if there is sand in between my toes, I am satisfied. For as long as I can remember my family has taken its annual beach trips, and I have loved each time visiting the beach. On Saturday afternoon, we honored Grammy with a cocktail party. My dad spoke about the legacies Grammy left behind. Her friendliness, her smile, and her driven spirit to keep family coming back together. It was a wonderful weekend and nice not to worry about being a mom for a few days. (I also have to add that Josh was amazing holding up the fort back at home with taking care of Copeland!)

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  1. I\’d stay in Colorado if I were you. But I\’m not you, and I made that same decision 4 years ago. Our life has become infinitesimally more complex since moving here both in good and bad ways. Just think hard on whether or not you want to upset your entire way of life for a few years because it\’ll take at least that long to settle into your new home. And those feelings of having a simple life in Colorado will haunt you :)So, my elderly viewpoint is seriously think about how much your life will change when you move here. I\’d tap out my job hunting resources out there first (Denver too) before I packed up to move here. But, on the flip side, I know Jackson would love having Copeland around. And we would certainly enjoy your presence.josh

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