God is So Obvious

In the deepest part of me, there is a place that burns wildly. Sometimes I can go a whole day and not notice the suffocating calling to do something about it. It is love. Love for a child. Not just my own sweet blessing Copeland, but for one I have not met yet. Each time I hear of this child within my soul through a story, the Bible, a sermon, or just in my soul, my eyes begin to overflow with tears as I think of him/her. Where are they now? Are they here yet on earth? Do they live in the slums of Mathari valley in Nairobi Kenya? Or in Uganda at a camp where they are scrounging through trash to try to eat? Or are they here in America where abundance overflows yet their own mother cannot care for the little one in their belly? Oh, it is my passion. Josh and I’s calling. If there is one clear thing that the Bible tells us, it is to love and to take care of the fatherless, the orphans. This place within me that knows with every fiber in my being wants to reach out to love this child is taking over my life. I think about it most everyday. There are certainly fears that will try to come inside this driven spirit. Will I love him/her the way I love my child that came from the womb? But when I kick that thought away, I know that my love/our love has already started to grow. Just like love does within the womb. I also am aware it won’t be some fairy tale of a story. It will be hard, challenging, difficult, draining…but it will be worth it. God has placed this purpose in my heart. One day this purpose will not just reside within me but it will be exploding outwardly to a little one cooing in my arms radiating love to this precious child. Hand crafted by God, hand placed in our arms, hand picked for our family. I love when God is so obvious. Now, we just have to see where He takes us and when…

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  1. Well of course you know where I stand in all of this! 😉 I can\’t wait to see where God takes your family (except NOT back to GA)

  2. To our precious children,You brought tears to my eyes while delving into your thoughts…when God calls you, He will prepare you in your hearts and all other ways, so trust Him and He will show you. You both are in our hearts and prayers every day and we will continue to pray that He will reveal it to you at His most perfect time. We love you both more than words can express…and if we could put in our vote, we would vote for you to move closer up this way!!! 🙂 Hope we can see you all soon!! Love you three muchos!! Mom and Dad Chadwick

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