Sharing a Popsicle

I love how when you feel like all of you is drained and not one more ounce can be squeezed, you surprise yourself to see a whole reserve behind your selfishness. Today as I watched four kiddos under the age of three play, explore, dig, slide, make friends my soul was rejuvenated. And once more this afternoon- as my precious little girl who has been hiding underneath the toddler tantrums lately, shared a raspberry Popsicle with me. We sat on a blanket with the sun so warm. Feet stretched out in front of us. Smiling in between bites. It was sunny and a beautifully bright moment in my mommy heart.

One response to “Sharing a Popsicle”

  1. I\’m glad you feel refreshed and rejuvenated – even if for a day! And look at those cute boys!!! How they\’re growin\’!

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