My Newest Personal Training Adventure

So, I never thought I would do this but guess what, I am. I am an Advocare Distributor. This means I am like the Avon lady but for personal fitness/wellness products. The only reason why I agreed to do it was because of the discounts I get. Really its selfish reasons. But I did want to throw my sales pitch out into the wireless world web- Advocare pretty much rocks my world. They have incredible products like, Slam…which is an energy drink. But not like those crappy way intense caffeinated products that are sold at bars, grocery stores, and other odd places. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals. Natural equals good for me. And its so yummy! And most importantly, the two o’clock sleepiness gets swept away. Also, I’ve tried the Muscle Fuel, and I seriously felt like I could do 100 push ups, with one arm. 🙂
So, all that to say check out my website and see if you like anything and let me know if you’d like to try anything. To any preggos out there, they do have energy drinks that are safe for you to drink, as well. Bonus.
So, here it is for you to check out-

Enjoy! That will be my only plug. I promise.

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