Today, my little monkey is 19 months. That means, she is more than a year and a half. More than half way to two. Wow. I want to tell her, “Stop GROWING!” But at the same time, I love the little girl she is becoming. So full of personality, so energetic, so joyful, so funny, so strong-willed. I love her.

Today, my husband and I will take a fabulous date night of a night because of Uncle Doodrew and Aunt Tasha coming down to babysit Coper’s for the night. Much needed indeed.

Today, I will work out, go to the library with Copeland, declutter our cluttered house so we could put our house on the market in a month, clean up a tad for Andrew and Tasha.

Today, I will go to the store for just “that one thing”, and hopefully not end up with a $100 grocery bill of “things we need.” 🙂

Today, I send my hellos to all those people who still read my blog! Love you guys!

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  1. Ooooo crap! Am I reading between the lines that if your house is going on the market you\’re moving???? Say it isn\’t so!

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