A wow, thats weird moment

So I took this picture this morning, hence the pj’s in the photo. I am now 12 weeks or so preggos. I think I am further along, but who knows. But anyway, I was sitting outside in the nice hot Colorado sun watching my daughter develop her imagination. She was trying to feed a stealth fighter airplane in the sky a piece of grass. I was thinking, wow, I am going to have another child. Will they entertain each other? Hope so. I’m a mom of two kids. almost. Weird. I still feel like I am 15 inside most days. Unsure of who I am. Wanting all people to like me. Every now and then, that woman that I know that I am, the 26 almost 27 year old woman that I am will poke her head out and be strong. She surprises myself. She is the one that will leave a restaurant after 20 minutes of waiting to be acknowledged. She is the one who would speak up against the “church lady” attitude and say “where is the love?” Anyway, my real shock was wow, I am about to have a family of four in six months. That to me is wild. There are days when I wish I could go back to the simplistic imaginative world where Copeland was at in feeding the jet. Like, going into the woods and exploring all afternoon. My mission at 8 years old? Nothing. Just maybe end up in the creek some how and watch the disgusting crawdaddy’s slither in between my legs. But now, my idea of imaginative world is dreaming of being at the beach instead of stuck in a hot, dry house with no air conditioning downstairs. Ah. But you know, after all this rigamorale I enjoy each point in my life.

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  1. Kristin,Your blog today brought tears to my eyes. You move me with your words honey. Treasure this time with your little girl and this new one growing inside you. It will be like no other. I remember the time I was pregnant with Joshua and Maria was discovering and learning so much. I treasure you, my dear daughter. Bless you during this time!!! I love you!!Mom Chadwick

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