Trip Countdown Again…

Our lives are full of adventure this summer. Despite fighting off the Freakish Summer Flu of 2008, we are thriving and arriving to a weekend of travel and adventures. Josh’s best friend, Nate, is getting married in a town near the Kansas border. So we will travel to watch such a fun and exciting time in their lives. It will be interesting to see how Copeland does with the hotel room and late nights. I guess we have to flexible and wing things every now and then. That’s what makes us parents- flexibility. Anyway, after our Kansas adventure, we head back to home for two nights. Then, OFF TO SEE MY POPS! And Gail, and Noah and Eliza (my brother and sister). We will be there for a week playing in water and sliding down giant inflatable water slides in the backyard, going for bike rides, spending lots of time with Grampa Bill and Grandgail and Aunt Eliza and Uncle Noah. Fun times. I will send a report…until then, have a fun summer!

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  1. I feel ya. I had a cold for 8 days that I\’m finally over. Have phun.

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