Back to Reality

We all returned from Maryland yesterday and are now trying to recooperate from all of our adventures this past month. Josh and I had a great time at his friend’s wedding, Nate and Sarah in a cool small farming town near Nebraska. The thing I remember most or at least touched me is watching the innocence of the different families’ children playing in the sunlight around these huge oak trees chasing each other with their suits and dresses on. Life sparkled as I watched them and watched an in love couple come together as companions in this world. The drive out there, 3 1/2 hours was beautiful with all the farm land. A long line of enjoying road trips is in my blood. My grandpa loved adventures on the road. I certainly got to tap into that that weekend. All the while, Josh and I had one night alone at the wedding because Copey got to stay with the grandparents in Castle Rock. “Thank You!!!”
Then, one day of rest and off on an early flight to D.C. to see Dad, Gail, and the kids. It was a fun trip full of bike rides, water slides, and toys galore. We were able to go to the National Zoo and see lots of different animals that are not here at our zoo. But it was hot!!! So, we only lasted a couple of hours there. It was great to see Noah and Eliza and to get to spend some time with them. They took very good care of Copeland. We spent a little over a week there and now we are back in Colorado Springs. Josh unfortunately had to go back to work today. Sad. It’s weird not having him right here. But we had a great summer! Back to reality…

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