before the sun rises

there is something about rolling out of bed, half asleep, creeping downstairs in the dark, turning on the coffee maker and sitting on my favorite chair before any of my household arises. it’s peaceful. the world hasn’t even woken up. it feels serene looking out the back door windows and seeing only the outline of pikes peak and the blinking light atop the mountain. i sit on my comfy sage green chair holding my coffee and write in journal and read some of the bible and/or a new philosophical book. there is clarity in the early morning for me. lately, actually, more like the whole summer, i have not had this time to gather myself. i feel like, as a MOPS mom once said, “the child wins when they wake you up…but if you get up first, then you can feel like you are in some sort of control the rest of the day.” although i love copeland dearly, this alone time in the early morning has been missed. she has gone back to the only sleeping till 6ish routine. so now, my only option is to awake SOOOOO early to beat her to the day. and Josh…he wakes up early to go to the gym. but today, i broke through, i woke up early and now am rejoicing in my discipline to yank the covers off of my body and stumble downstairs for my little time that makes me just a little bit saner and easier to deal with during the day.

2 responses to “before the sun rises”

  1. Ahhh yes. Those early morning are so needed! The trick in my house is stepping over the creaky spots in the hardwood floors so NO ONE hears me. It\’s a talent, for sure.

  2. So profound, miss krispoot.(that is now MY take on your name) I have been thinking about this much lately and need a little control over the chaos. I suppose I will have to learn to go against my nature and get to bed early(like WAY early) to get up before the early bird of this nest awakes us all with his unusual vigor!!!! Pray for me…this mama is no morning mama.

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