"A Kristin Moment"

Setting: The other night, Josh and I were sitting on the couch.
Kristin: What is your favorite month?
Josh: What?
Kristin: What is your favorite month?
Josh: Where did that come from?
Kristin: I don’t know. I was just thinking about my favorite month the other day and it is September. What about you?
Josh: Uh, I’ve never really thought about it. And this is weird and random.
Kristin: Well, just pick one.
Josh: During school or summer?
Kristin: Pick one of the 12.
Josh: I don’t know. (getting frustrated at this random and meaningless conversation)
Kristin: Well, see, I like September because it is so pretty. And I like apple picking and apple cider. And brand new pencils and school supplies. And it’s my birthday month. And the leaves changing color. And you can’t beat a month that begins with a holiday- Labor Day.
Josh: Well, obviously, you have thought this through. I don’t know. July?!

End of conversation due to Olympic distraction.

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  1. krispoot.sounds like a heather/josh conversation…although in this household it would involve other long descriptions of the times when we were kids and went to school in Sept. and not August and the falls in Montana, Canada, and Colorado and the smell of leaves changing and wow…2 hours later…how did we get on this conversation?!??about who knows what?? I love that you think of things like that too!!!!!!!!!!-h.

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