Little Bambino

So this morning we, as in Nana, Grampy, Grandmommy, Josh, Copeland, and I all were all crammed into my midwife’s office to watch the premiere of baby #2. It was such a blessing to see a little something in between that little baby’s legs. My mom and Nana knew right away but I was unsure until the midwife said, “Do you see that turtle thing right there?” Oh, it’s a boy!!! Josh and I are sooooo excited!!! Giddy to the max. And Copeland was right on when she said she was having a baby “brodder” not sister. Cheers!

2 responses to “Little Bambino”

  1. YEA!! Boys are SO fun! Congrats!

  2. I love reading your blog!! And we are soooooo excited for this wonderful news!! Daddy, I, Breanna and Nathaniel can\’t wait to hear all about the ultrasound and see that picture that tells it all!! Bless this little one growing inside you, honey, that he will be healthy, strong and an incredible man of God!!! Love, Mom

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