All Good Things Come to an End

So, my mom left yesterday afternoon to head back to Georgia and be with all the other grandkids and her world. Our time was great and full of adventures. We decided to go up to Breckenridge for a few days while Josh was on a work retreat in Buena Vista. Breckenridge was so beautiful. Our lodge that we stayed at was fun and Colorado-ish complete with log beds and decks on the back of each room. Our view was amazing of the slopes. I can’t imagine what it looks like all white with snow. But I am sure it is breathtaking. We were wanting to go for a cool hike while we were there, but having an almost two year old our plans changed. They changed to eating, sleeping, eating, shopping, going to the playground, playing in the freezing river, eating, shopping, eating. ha. It was refreshing to smell the cool crisp mountain air. There is nothing like it. Other than our trip to Breckenridge we just hung out and did local things- watched my brother complete the Pikes Peak marathon, eat at my favorite restaurant Adam’s Mountain Cafe, went to the YMCA, played at America the Beautiful park, strolled around the zoo, and of course, attended the ultrasound premiere of Little Bambino. Overall, it was a great visit with her! It’s always so hard to go back into my role as a wife and mother instead of spoiled daughter. ha.

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  1. Thanks for giving your momma back to the rest of us!:) We missed her. Copey has changed since the beach! I love her ponytail and her long sleeve t is super cute. She looks busy.Hey..I am trying to add you as a friend on facebook but you are ignoring me?! I see how you are…love you still…h.

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