Epiphany into My Own Fears

Warning: This is a serious blog entry.

It’s funny when you are living life and doing the everyday when all the sudden something profound, an epiphany that you may realize or someone else may bring to your attention, comes and slaps you right in between your eyes. Or slaps you right in the soul of who you are. Suddenly, in that moment last night, I found myself saying, wow… really? I can’t believe I’ve been doing that. Without going into much detail, my eyes have been open to something that I’ve done for the last three years or so out of fear or my false sense of controlling efforts. It all started with a thought provoking question by our wonderful pastor, Pastor Al. “What would you do if fear was not in the picture?” Hmm… I’d do a lot of things. (That was my immediate response). Josh and I talked about it over lunch following church and most of what I had said was kinda surface level. But a day later… BAM! Like a frying pan over my head, it came to me. Fear has controlled so much of who I am…who I am in relationship to the one person that I am closest, too. Without going into detail, I am free. Free from worrying or trying to control. It’s about being free and letting the other be free in who they are. They may stumble. I may stumble. It hurts but at least they know who they are. That is it for now…

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  1. Amen sista friend!!

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