Copeland’s 2nd Birthday

It is so hard to imagine that two years ago, I had the hardest workout of my life to push this little one into the world. What an amazing experience that I will always hold dear to my heart. I wanted to write more today because it is her special day… but the day has gotten away from me. We’ve had a busy day going to the zoo to feed the giraffe crackers- which I think she said about a hundred times in the car on the way to the zoo…Then, we went to Kick-fil-a and had lunch and a special ice dream cup. She was so sweet and said, “Mommy’s turn!” when she was done eating the half-eaten ice cream. I think she finally had a full tummy going to bed because she has been sleeping for over 3 hours now. ha. Tonight we are just hanging out with the family here in the Springs and celebrating her little life that has been such a big miracle to both Josh and I.

2 responses to “Copeland’s 2nd Birthday”

  1. Happy Birthday, Copeland! I can\’t believe you\’re 2.

  2. Such a sweet photo of baby Bopeland.. . Hard to believe how fast time flies! She\’s such a little sweet baby and I wish we could see her more often. We love you Copey!-h.

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