The Cause of My Latest Fever Blister

Ok, so this is going to be my 8 year old self-centered self talking: This past week I came down with a nasty cold that mainly has affected my throat and given me good hacking abilities. Let me say that being pregnant with a nasty cold is definitely not fun. I managed to not catch it as Copeland and Josh both had it a week earlier. But I think through traveling, being exhausted, lack of sleep I couldn’t fight it off any longer. So, anyway, I got sick. But whenever “Mom” gets sick- the world does not stop. For all you singles out there…you know that time when you are sick and all you want to do is curl up on the couch and sip tea or soup or watch a movie and not think about how miserable you feel, you can’t. Two year olds have no sympathy and husbands have little sympathy due to their own ailments that are GUARANTEED much worse than your own. Laundry and other house work can be overlooked for a short while- but not for long before grumpiness of the uncleanliness of the house sets in. “Have you washed my ______?” or “Oh Copeland don’t touch that, YUCKY!” Two sentences that are exceptionally frustrating when you feel like poo. The world keeps spinning. I don’t know why. Cause sometimes I feel like it should revolve around me. If I am sick, the world should stop. All that to say in my little rant, I am thankful that I have many blessings around me. Like, the tissue companies that figured out that if you are sick enough to actually use tissues instead of toilet paper, that they should infuse it with lotion so peoples’ noses aren’t raw. And thankful that the weather is still showing signs of yumminess- temperatures in the mid 60s! And thankful that each month God provides for us. And thankful for a daughter who is definitely the best behaved child in Walmart all because of bribery to ride the horse at the end. See…I guess I am not that stuck in a negative zone.

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  1. When you\’re sick, tell him to wash his own clothes. Josh M.

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