My Morning Journal Entry

I woke up this morning with a sense of peace. It was warm, dark, snuggly. The humidifier was helping me ACTUALLY breathe through my nose. AND, I got to open my eyes to the sweetest and most well behaved dog- Yoko. Yoko is my brother and his wife’s dog. She has become ours for a little more than a week, and we are so excited to have this new little addition around- it satisfies our want of a dog. A couple of years ago we gave our chocolate lab, Vaughn, to another family due to psychotic obsession with me during my pregnancy that drew me over the edge. In some ways, I think we should have stuck it out with Vaughn but in other ways- freedom of picking up poo and feeding yet another dependent was a little too frightening for my new mommy world. So anyway, my usual dog lover self has embraced this week of having a little dog around again…Josh even said, “Man, if we only had a backyard…we could get a dog.” I agree. Anyway, I woke up at peace this morning. I am satisfied, despite my continuous sinus infection that doesn’t seem to go away. We have started the beginning of the family traditions for the holidays by going to the Castle Rock Star Lighting last night and meeting all of the family there. We barely made it, but hey- we got there! It is so magical- its cold out, they sing Christmas carols, Santa usually rolls on by to wave hi to all the kids “great and small.” It reminds me of living in a small town and experience the close-knit community in one fun tradition that has meaning more than some may know. They count down from ten, nine, eight…and BAM! magically the star that sits ontop of the famous “Castle Rock” lights up. Afterwards we head back to Josh’s parents for a yummy meal and this year get to watch the cousins interact and play with each other and great grandparents read books to them. So precious. How could I not be satisfied while I watch my little family be so blessed with love all around? Even little Ryker experiences the warmth of my family.
Anyway, this is my journal entry for the morning, as I felt gratitude about the holidays even as I could barely squeeze the life into my eyes. Love to all.

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  1. You are truly blessed…I miss you

  2. YOKO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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