I am now almost 38 weeks along in my pregnancy. Looking back at all the adventures in our life in the past 9 months, it seems like I’ve been pregnant forever. But really, it hasn’t been. I find it amazing how we started this whole process with the idea of adoption. And out of a comment my mom made I took a pregnancy test cause I felt a little off- sure enough, God had different plans for us right now- WE WERE PREGNANT! I can remember each month being so anxious if I was pregnant, wanting to so badly. Finally, I let it go and gave it to God letting my heart be excited about adoption now rather than later. Ha. Little did I know that God did want us to have Ryker first and then adopt in the future. SO…as we prepare for one of our own flesh and blood or DNA, I still think of that future child that we will adopt. But I rejoice in the miracle God has placed within me.
After eight months of body changes and weird pregnancy symptoms, I am ready. I am struggling with the anticipation of labor. Excited and ready. Not scared. I was scared before about laboring at home, but now I am excited for what will happen within our home. I feel as a family it will be an amazing feat. I’m so encouraged by my sweet and courageous husband who has always believed in us doing it at home. He is so supportive and sweet.
So now with only two or so weeks left until my due date, I am so ready to start this marathon of labor and see our beautiful strong boy, Ryker. I’ve had contractions every ten minutes for about 3 days now and cramps today. But I almost have to keep telling myself to just know that it WON’T happen for a couple weeks and stop worrying. Or else, I keep wondering and missing the moments of life- now.

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  1. I didn\’t know you were going to give birth at home. That is so exciting. I can\’t wait to hear about it…well, most of it 😉

  2. Oh, sweetheart. Be encouraged and be steadfast. Little Ryker will come when he is ordained to come, and it will be just wonderful…a time you will cherish forever! Love, Mom Chadwick

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