My Belly is Stretched to the Limit…

I can’t imagine getting any bigger. I told Josh that if you poked a needle in my tummy (which really I would never ever want to do) I think it would just BURST like a balloon and then deflate into a sad little sac of blah. Gross. Anyway, I only have 9 more days until my due date, so that makes me happy. Despite a false alarm this past weekend and also my chiropractor, who is this wonderfully amazing guy who works exclusively with preggos, said I was going to go into labor any minute- my hopes are up and I know it is in His timing. Each day I keep thinking, wow…is this my last day with just Copey and I? I try to cherish it as much as possible just having one on one time with her- as she won’t have it very much for the remainder of her time that she lives in our household. Anyway, I had to post something super cute that she said today in the car. I was peeling an orange, yes while driving, and handed a couple of slices back to her. She peeled it apart and said, “Want this honey?” ha. I cracked up and called Josh right away to tell him about his cute and precious mommy hearted daughter.

2 responses to “My Belly is Stretched to the Limit…”

  1. Oh, how precious!

  2. I am so excited to see you on Friday, but I am even more excited for you to not show up because you\’re in double-time labor!!!! Hang in there.

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