Will I Always Feel This Way?

This morning started off rough. Maybe it was the 12+ hour shift I had solo (with the exception of dinner time) with Copeland and Ryker yesterday. Or the lack of sleep is just now catching up to me. Or the constant changing of poopy diapers for Ryker. Or the guilt of not wanting to change him and then him getting a diaper rash. Or Copeland needing some Mommy time. Or cringing at myself when I hear myself say AGAIN, “No Copey. Don’t do that.” Or feeling like I have no time to even think about getting myself presentable except nap time- which usually I would rather take a nap. Or just getting used to having two, but I am overwhelmed. I keep thinking- how in the world do families that have more than two kids even manage to get anything done? I feel completely in chaos already with just two- but for some reason we do want more- not for a good long while though.

Anyway, today I am overwhelmed.

4 responses to “Will I Always Feel This Way?”

  1. You sound like a mom…haha!!

  2. I know, I know. The first few weeks are murder. It will get better, I promise! Remember, Ryker needs you every few minutes and he\’ll grow out of that. You\’re amazing and I\’ll be praying…

  3. No, you won\’t always feel that way. But there will probably always be \”moments\” when you feel that way. 12 hours is a long shift alone…sleep is the best medicine, do it when you can. Who cares about being presentable at this point. Brains and patience can\’t function without sleep….:) One day at a time and you have LOTS of time to do the other things but only this one time period for this…it will get better. And you are beautiful without being \”presentable\”…Love you and you are a great mom!(I know I sometimes think I might just be crazy to want more…Josh at least thinks so.)

  4. I just read your blog…(our internet was down at home). I have been wanting to get on for quite some time to read your thoughts. I remember this time very well. The overwhelming feelings can overtake you easily, especially when you\’re sleep deprived. Heather said it so sweetly…don\’t worry about being presentable, you are beautiful always!! And you are a good mom, and this time will pass so quickly, you will be amazed. Draw your strength from within your spirit, which is sooo strong in the Lord. He will lift you up and give you the words for Copeland, Ryker and your Josh. You will be awestruck at how He does it in you. I can say it only through experience, (doing it five times!) that you won\’t know how it comes, but He gives it to you. Bless you honey. Know that you are in our morning prayers everyday. We would love to see you soon, too. Know Ryker has grown so much. Give all a kiss for me and one for yourself!! Love you, Mom Chadwick

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