Connecting with an old friend…

Last night I met up with an old friend from high school and middle school for dinner. We hadn’t seen each other in eight years! I can not believe that it has been that long. She looks exactly the same- however, she is even more beautiful, which I didn’t think possible. There was so much to talk about in under two hours. It was too short. I hate that life can whiz by so fast without contact with close friends. It’s funny that we summed up the last EIGHT years in practically eight minutes. So much has happened in both our lives but to us both it was a short synopsis. I missed out on so much in her life. Hopefully, we will stay in touch again (thanks to face book reuniting us). What a dear and sweet, funny, Columbian, happy, goofy, self-proclaimed confused friend. She makes me laugh.

After we had talked a little about what had happened to each of us after high school, we reminisced about our goofy moments in high school. She was one of my two giggle buddies. Two things that I remember vividly about us in high school- we both had good handwriting so we would see who could have the best handwriting while we would pass notes back and forth. ha. And the other is we made up a new version of “I’m a Little Teapot.” This part I had forgotten what the basis of why we made up a new version. In my sorry memory- it was just a funny song. But then she reminded me that we made it up about a girl in our class. (I won’t tell you the words but it was awful that we made it up about a girl). When I remembered, my heart sank. My heart sank because I couldn’t believe that I would be so mean. So “high school-ish”! Seriously, I think I dreamed about it last night. I woke up sad, too. So…maybe if I see this girl again, I don’t even remember her name- but I will give a heartfelt apology. I just can’t believe myself in how mean I was. And I thought I was the one who wasn’t caught up in the high school bratiness.

Anyway, back to now…we had a great time catching up over some yummy bison burgers and wine. I hope it isn’t too long until we catch up again. What a great woman!

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  1. We all have had our moments. I don\’t think anyone is ever really intentionally mean in middle and high school…I think the hormones are just so intense that it is soooo confusing. And there is so much pressure, confidence issues, lack of self-esteem…it affects every kid. We didn\’t know enough back then to have clarity on anything really. I heard somewhere too that your brain doesn\’t completely grow into it\’s ability to make rational decisions until you are at least 21. Crazy. So, truly, you are just too dumb when you are a kid. …:) I look back at who I was, the decisions I made….wow. I don\’t even know where I was half the time. Literally, on another planet. (which could be argued that I am still there at times…) but for real, some of the things I thought were a \”good idea\”…yikes.Even the good kids……

  2. I can hear you giggling now!!

  3. I pretty much just love you! I thought of all the things I had done wrong (and thankfully right)since high school and I couldn\’t help but feel sad too. Ugh….I am just so blessed to have seen you again after 8 years, and lets not wait another 8 ever again. Ever!!! Okay?!?!?! Love and cheer and gut-wrenching laughter…. AG

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