I just read of a friend’s mom passing away. She had a long battle with cancer but fought courageously. She had amazing faith and certainly spoke lots of wisdom as she encountered her last bout of sickness. I wasn’t much of a good friend to her daughter through all of this. Life flew by (once again) and kids and jobs and different places in life made us not connect recently. But I hurt for her as if we talked each day. Maybe because this is something that I struggle with. The thought of losing a parent drives such a fierce sword in my gut that it is hard for me to even go there. Maybe subconsciously I backed away because I didn’t want to feel those feelings. Well, the time has come where sweet Judy has gone to be with Jesus. Like someone else said, “She will be with Jesus on Easter.” Though that is such a beautiful reminder that we can find joy in the hope of heaven and sitting with Jesus, we still grieve and ache with sadness of someone’s spirit gone. I feel only a smidgen of what my friend feels at this moment. Such heartache to know your mother is gone. To know that she will miss your childrens’ birthdays and graduations and weddings. How painfully tragic. Tears well up in these eyes of mine as I experience her grief. My heart is with you, friend.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear this Kristin!!!

  2. Losing my dad was the hardest thing I have even endured. Espeically since it was such a trajic illness. But my growth in the Lord would not have happened had I not gone through that… and I wouldn\’t trade that for anything.

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