Knit in My Womb, I am in Awe

Can you believe that these beautiful children are mine? We had a friend take some professional photos of Ryker and Copeland a couple weeks ago, and this morning I had the privilege of looking through them. I am in awe of my children’s beauty. They are both made so delicate and strong. They both have such amazing features. I love that they both have unique features. For instance…

Ryker and Copeland both sport the “Stork Bite” on the back of their necks. This is a big red birthmark that is hereditary. Apparently, it is a strong gene in my family since it managed to make a mark on both my children.

Another distinct feature is on the top loop of Ryker’s ear is two bumps. It is kinda ironic- as it is a little Spock like…my favorite show (NOT!)…and there is Riker on Star Trek, too. But we won’t dwell on that aspect. I just adore the *hiccups* on his cute little ear. Some may call them imperfections, but I find them perfect.

Long toes and fingers…both of them have it. The two things that Mommy gave them 🙂

I love that the camera captures such beauty for a moment.

2 responses to “Knit in My Womb, I am in Awe”

  1. Aw. The best!My kids have the stork bites too. hmm…heredity. Love your kids. and you.

  2. I am so glad I got to meet ryker finally!! Those are great photos!!

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