Waiting Game

It is Monday morning…been about a week and a half that I learned my own dad, The Unstoppable, has been sick. Not just everyday sick but the sick that can knock a stubborn 65 year old marathoner off his working horse. I won’t go into details about what is going on with him because we are not sure exactly what is going on yet. It could be so minor like a pesky gallstone or even as big and scary as cancer.

Some of my readers know that one of my BIGGEST fears is losing my parents. Just thinking about writing this post has taken me a week to process and even sit down and write about this. Now, I am not saying that I am losing my dad!!! At least that is what I am praying that it is so minor, he can continue on his quest to run marathons international…but this sickness has brought up so much churning in my inner soul.

Last Wednesday I was at my lowest. I was in a cycle of worry, wanting to be right there with him during testing, waiting to hear how it went, freaking out in between the absence of communication, oh yea, and still trying to be a good mommy. The pit in my stomach was so large. Gradually, I have let go in the past few days with spurts of worry and anxiety. We won’t know anything further until today or tomorrow.

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