A Bird Named Birdy

One day a little bird was flying through the Sangre De Cristo mountains enjoying the warm spring air. He glided over the range and into a valley. He had told his little chicky family that he would be back with some food later. Little did he know that in a few hours, Birdy’s life would change- FOREVER. As he soared on through the valley he saw some yummy munchies across the way. He was in the zone. He was getting focused. Then WHACK! BAM!

His life was over. At least I think. And that is the story of the bird I hit yesterday on the way to the sand dunes. I about had a heart attack along with some tears well up in my eyes for the little bird, Birdy.

One response to “A Bird Named Birdy”

  1. Awh, man. Poor birdy. That's alright, once, I ran over The Easter Bunny.

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