On the Edge of My Seat

I can’t lie. I am more than anxious to sell our house. Especially after last week’s hopeful call from our realtor saying some people may be putting an offer on the house- lo and behold, nothing came of it. I am so tired of having to straighten up our house to make it look like no one lives here. Poor Copey has survived well without too many toys around. It actually (on the positive side) has helped us do more “school work”…learning letters, numbers, and doing art projects instead of playing with overly loud obnoxious toys that end up breaking. And I have come to like our house spotless (despite the hard work to keep it that way) but I have to say its hard to actually live in. Anyway, this is my rant for today. I literally feel like I am on the edge of my seat waiting and trusting for something to happen.

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  1. The people that put an offer on our house did so after a week of \”saying they loved it.\” Sometimes they need to look a little longer at what's out there to remember they liked your place the best. But remember, God has a plan and He knows best. 😉

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