It Hits A Deep Place

In our family/friend adventure yesterday, I felt that old familiar passion of the great Colorado outdoors. As soon as we reached around the bend of Woodland Park and headed deeper and deeper into the unknown mountain territory the weight was lifted. The stress of life was gone with a deep breath of fresh mountain air smelling of sweet aspens and whatever that Colorado smell is that brings me back to the first summer I spent here. This is why I moved here. To experience this life to the fullest. With two kids in tow, Josh and I adventured to Box Canyon, CO. We met some dear friends there and had lots of fun just hanging out. The best part was simply walking in my Chaco’s into the cool mountain river and letting it refresh my spirit. It hit a deep place within my spirit. There is a wild part of me that awakens as I stepped into the river and explored the terrain of rocks. Each step is calculated and cautioned. But it was simply calming to me. No wonder that I dream of rivers a lot- they bring to life within me the desire of just being and enjoying nature.

What was even more fun? Watching my sweet daughter play in the river without a hint of encouragement to do so. It was just natural for her to go in and just play with God’s water playground.

I have many VIVID memories of playing in water as a kid. And some of those were throwing rocks into the creek off of the bridge on our gravel road and making wishes like “I wish for my future husband to like dogs.” ha. And other memories of making swinging vines to swing over the creek in our back woods. And finding crawfish underneath rocks and squealing in delight and fear of them pinching me. Oh…it hits a deep place and I dwell and just bask in His beauty.

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  1. I hear ya….loud and clear!-heather ( on Josh's account…)

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