Last Morning at Forest Hill

I woke up before everybody else this morning. As I walked downstairs for my last wee hours in the morning arrival, I had a bit of sadness about being our last morning at this house. So many memories and life changing events happened here. This was Josh and I’s first home. Copeland was brought into our world here. (I was putting her to bed last night and thinking how much she had grown in that room- newborn to now an almost three year old going to preschool). And then Ryker actually being delivered in our bedroom- what an amazing moment that will always be in my heart. And on top of that, to have five people all in one bedroom to deliver that big ol’ noggin’ of a baby boy. Other things that happened in this house- many mornings watching old fashioned cartoons, reading library books, making pancakes, making homemade cookies with Copeland, painting with Copeland, riding a tricycle for the first time, attempting tomato pots each year and failing, fighting with the HOAs (won’t miss that), watching Josh turn something not-so attractive into an amazing inside of a home, painting (yes, painting) over royal blue counter tops, replacing old carpet that needed replacing four years ago, watching our kiddos go from just rolling over to crawling, playing in moving boxes, building lego garages, bath times, bath times times two, getting up before day light to have a cup of joe by myself and seeing the building’s light on top of Pikes Peak, converting the upstairs bathroom into Ryker’s nursery, Copeland and Ry sharing a room off and on, watching four fire works shows ontop of the hill outside, sitting outside on the patio reading, being old school or southern and actually getting to know our kind neighbors…I am grateful (even after all the stretching and anxiousness to leave) for our first lil’ house. It’s time for a new house to call home. And I can’t wait.

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  1. I hope you are able to write that all down onto paper to look at 20 years from now. It will be amazing to relive it from your words so beautifully written! May our Lord truly bless you all on this new journey in life! And bless your new home!! Love you, Mom Chadwick

  2. It was great to read that. . . so many memories! And you'll make so many new ones as you move forward.~Kelly F.

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