Matthew 19:13-15

The sounds of kids anxiously waiting to get close, the feel of rough dirty clothes rubbing my skin as people of old and young squeeze by, the sight of legs and sandals brushing up the dry dirt, I stand in the back waiting. He is there in full. With laughter and joy as each child tries to sit in his lap. He seems so genuine. So caring and not like some of the other adults I know. Speaking of which, they are yelling at all of us children to leave this man alone. But He doesn’t seem to mind- in fact he knows them each by name. Within his playfulness he looks up and gives me a wink. A look of confirmation that I am, too, apart of his joy. I am noticed, by Him. I walk slowly to meet him up close and there He is. The one who they have been talking about. The one who does things that aren’t humanly possible. The one who looks deeper than the eyes on your face and looks into the heart. No judging. No condemning. Just affirmation that yes, I am loved and am completely known and am can rest secure in Him.

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