Dear Online Journal…

I promise I will write more. I guess life has gotten priority lately…not that doing a blog is putting others on the back burner- but I feel like there is so much to write about I am lost at where to begin. So here are some upcoming Kristin thoughts for my blog entry (I am only previewing you so that I am held accountable on writing):

Epiphany of Being a True Mother

The Nutcracker Experience through Copey’s Eyes

My Dr. Mom Hat

Life in the New House

Update on my Dad

Waiting on my Nephew to Arrive

Personal Training

New Books/Movies I am Diggin’

Those are just some thoughts…feel free to comment on whether or not you like or dislike those ideas or have any inspirational ideas…

I love reading others blogs, as they fill me with the desire to read more and write better and more often. Everyone’s blog is so unique. Love it. Our online journal that we get to peek into everyone’s thought life.

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  2. I like your list, but what I REALLY want you to write about is your passion for purity in marriage. I'm sure a portion of that is honesty, and another portion is being loyal/not cheating – but I want to know the whole story. It speaks to me.

  3. Oh, I didn't mean YOUR personal whole story in marriage…just your thoughts on what purity in marriage means. I'm not trying to be nosy : )

  4. Will do Karen! Thanks for the idea!

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