Should I dive head first? Or should I wade in the shallow end a bit? Or should I just skip the pool all together for a bit to concentrate on what is outside the water?

My metaphor is referring to the quandary I have in my brain about being a working mom. First let me explain:
1. I have been given the opportunity/offer to interview and partner with a local fitness studio by being there prenatal personal trainer.
2. I have been given the opportunity to step into the instructor world of fitness at the YMCA one night a week.
3. I have been put on the sub list for teaching cycling (my ultimate goal for the time being.)

But I keep going back to this thought: Will I miss out on not being there for my kids AS MUCH AS I would be without any one of those opportunities? What if I look back fifteen years from now and say, “Man! I wish I would’ve just stayed home and really enjoyed the moment with my kids so little.” But then I also hear from my friends who are moms and other older moms who say, “I was so happy to have a part time job! It gave me a sense of who I was and an appreciation of being with the kids when I did spend time with them.”

Oh the quandary…

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  1. Always a quandary…but part-time is part-time. And I think it works out fine. Of course, adding it to your already busy schedule….? Sometimes, things have to shift. Can you add something without having to drop something else?I wish I could take your classes…that would be sooooo fun!

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