Proud Moment as a Mommy

Yesterday Copeland started her first ballet class at a local gymnastics place. She was sooooo excited. She has been talking about this since before Christmas and how she was going to dance with the Nutcracker “and everything.” She walked right into the ballet room to say hi to her teacher (who seemed to be on first impression the typical uptight ballet teacher)…she was ready to go. The teacher told me to leave the room and I could watch from the window. Copeland didn’t seem to mind. Shocking. So, I watched through the window as my daughter held her own as more little girls showed up in their cute little leotards and pink tights and ballet shoes. They were told to get their own little carpet square and sit next to the wall. So, they waited until the teacher was ready.

Here comes proud mommy moment:

As they were waiting, Copeland noticed a little girl come into the room. She hopped up and ran and got her a little carpet square to sit on and motioned her over to sit next to her. Now, I must admit, I teared up immediately as I watched my sweet compassionate kind hearted little girl do such a sweet thing. This was such a proud moment and was much needed as I have struggled in my “liking” her lately. My heart flipped over and was desperately proud to call her mine.

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