For All Those Moms Out There in the Thick of It

After a couple months of good behavior with the occasional typical three/four year old fits in there, Copeland ended it with a BANG tonight. To say the least I was angry, mortified, embarrassed, frustrated, totally overwhelmed. Without going into too much detail to work myself up, I found myself completely at the bottom of the pit…about a mat away from concrete…the complete cold and darkest part of my soul. Too many battles between us and then the last straw…BAM! Full on flailing of arms and legs in the YMCA family locker room, squealing, screaming, refusing to get dressed…Believe me, I tried all the “reasonable” ways to talk with my three year old- got down on one level, talked in a calm voice, gave two choices, counted, etc. Nothing worked to calm her extremely psycho behavior. So I gave her a swat…nothing. two swats…nothing. I had to (seriously, I am not exaggerating) wrestle her into my arms to put her clothes on. Once this wrestling match finally ended, spectators I am sure were on there way to call Child Services. If it was not the place of which I work I would have carried her out buck naked and made her be freezing. It was RIDICULOUS! I could not believe that she would act that way. NEVER have I seen her act soooo completely out of control. It pushed me and literally made me tear up once in the car and tell her how disappointed I was in her. I am still fuming even after dinner and telling her she had no “extras” at bed time and to go straight to bed.

Wow…hopefully that will help you know that you are not alone- whoever has reached this point. I am mortified. And humbled that I would have gotten sooooo completely frustrated. In the morning, I am sure we will have a nice talk about this but till then…my heart is hurt and frustrated and sad.

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  1. Hang in there, girl!!!! For every bad bad evening like that, there are MANY giggles and joys!!! I feel your pain! You're a GREAT mom!

  2. A few things….#1. I have this song posted in my playlist too….so I totally am getting the point! (Oh, wait a minute, that WAS my playlist playing….funny. oh well. )#2..Did Copey get vibes from Jackson or something? #3…I am having such hard days and nights that I swear there are times I don't think I can handle much more of it….but surprisingly, I do. #4…You are a GREAT Mommy. Sister. Friend. Wife. All of it….we grow through all of it. #5. thank you for sharing…and knowing we aren't alone. i love you!

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