The Things I Have and Are Learning From My Dad

First an update on my dad’s status:
He went into surgery a couple a weeks ago expecting big things, but nobody realistically thought it would be this good…they found NO EVIDENCE of cancer. So instead of removing lots of organs and rewiring and reconstructing his internals, they just took his bile duct. All in all, it is the best news we could have received. Now, onto recovering after eight months of chemo and losing a bile duct and dealing with a scar that covers his torso from sternum to belly button.

I was processing all the things I have learned and am still learning from my dad and thought it would be fun to write about. So here it is:

1. Be responsible for you. You are the only one you can change or hold accountable or rework or take control of your situation. I remember specifically one time on the way to softball practice around the age of 11 or 12, I forgot my mitt. My dad said, “Kristin, you are old enough to remember your glove. It is your responsibility.” I remember my feelings being so hurt (I was a sensitive little girl). I teared up. But you know, it is so true. Even in the little things like remembering to be prepared for a practice or a job or even as a mom is always so important. Lessons still are learned as I forget this and that but I love this lesson and continue to pass this on to my kids. One of my favorite words Copeland says with no flaw is, “RE-SPONSE-A-BILITY.” And she digs having responsibility and totally gets it.

2. Face your fears dead on. Look it right in the eye and say, “Screw you. Just watch me!” I love the courage and attitude that my dad has shown in his battle with cancer. He has kicked its frightening butt and thrown the statistics of his specific cancer right out the window. He jumped full speed ahead with no holds back to get rid of those suckers and it worked. During this time, on a whole other level, I kept thinking of “facing my fears” and started to teach “Boot Camp.” #1 I despise being up in front. #2 Really, me? … But I did it. I plunged into the unknown, the uncomfortable and now, this is a new passion and love and outlet for me.

3. You always got a have some silliness in your life. My dad has always been silly…not at every moment but there were times and still are times that he just is plain ol’ silly. He makes me laugh and giggle and Copey thinks he is just the most hilarious “Donald Duck Sneezer.” For example, he likes to do these random Show Tune-ish dances and songs (which I have now discovered I do for Ryker, except its “Dancing with Myself”)…he will do these dances after 3 or 3 cups of coffee, so you can imagine it is pretty darn funny. And when he was here before his surgery, we were in the midst of all the crappy winter sicknesses and he brought in silliness and laughter. Chasing the kids around the house and making them giggle over the smallest things. Laughter. It really is the best medicine.

4. BE HEALTHY and STRONG Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. What more can I say than he is a perfect example of what taking care of your body does to you. I am proud to call my dad and the grandfather of my kids and 6 other grandkids a marathoner. From a very young age, I watched him leave to go on LONG runs and would try to follow him (but that is another story). I watched him exercise his mind with a plethora of books. I was challenged in high school during SAT season with new “big” words by my dad each day to practice expanding my vocabulary. And even though we don’t believe in the same things he has shown me spirituality in his own way. It is all about life experiences and how you choose to let them affect you.

5. Oh, and that I am the original “sweet pea.”

Hope you can take away something from my blog today. Have a good weekend.

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  1. Hey Kris, love it and what you have learned through this journey. You are so right when you say we are the only ones who can take care of ourselves… well, once we're of age. Your dad has been such a great example of wise and healthy choices concerning his body. I am sure that is one of the reasons he was able to come out so strong on this end. and I love the \”3 or 3 cups of coffee\” 🙂 love ya!

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