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One of the things that comes with motherhood is acceptance that life changes. After running into a sweet friend at the store yesterday, I became enlightened by a profound statement she had made about motherhood. She said, “You know, I have accepted that THIS is my ministry right now. My children. And I am okay with that.” I love her willingness to be changed. To put things on hold without grumbling. I love that. And even though she has given into whatever the ebb and flow of motherhood/wifehood shall be she is still the same beautiful funny woman I knew pre-kids. She has not lost who she is…she has become more beautiful. She has courage.

Another friend of mine is my hero. We all have our flaws. Our ups and downs of our personality and moods. But this friend of mine is always willing to just love on kids. Her words I try to remind myself to live by are, “Everyday is a party.” How could you not have fun at her house! And she does have fun- dress up, bubbles, crafts! Wow!

Another one of my closest friends is a willing passionate relationship centered woman. She challenges me each time we hang out to think of others first. She even exudes it in her parenting. She encourages her son to share, even his most treasured toy or last piece of food. Whatever it is…she is always willing.

Another one of my closest friends inspires me how close she is to Jesus. You know those people that each time you talk with them, you fill lifted up and sunshiney. She is one of them. My prayer warrior friend. I continuously learn from her. And she challenges me in the unseen aspect of my role as a mom and wife.

I have so many many amazing friends who all have a host of things they share and bring forth and challenge me. I am so thankful. This is so cliche but really, there is not enough time to type out all my friends unique gifts and my love for them. Most of these comments are so selfish, but in honesty, they each have poured into my life tremendously…without even knowing it.

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  1. It's nice to have friends…and you seem to have great ones. Wish we were closer so we could still be \”friends\”. 🙂

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