God’s Plan

Today Josh and I went to church to watch good ol’ Andy Stanley on the giant screen of a high school, and we were both hit with this Truth.

God uses our weakness as His GREATEST OPPORTUNITY.

Could that be any more specific to our situation!?! Wow. The movie reel of my life spun quickly and I saw each weakness and how God has to be in each of them. Like Paul, he had to be humbled or else he would be one prideful dude bringing Christianity about- he spread Christianity more than Jesus himself. But he had an affliction, a weakness that God did not take away. God chose to be silent. But what if he had made it easy on Paul? Would he have been such a pivotal witness and crusader? Would his letters be read still?
For me personally, I am confronted with my own lack of confidence in myself as a mother. I feel so weak in this area due to the clutter in my home, the lack of food prepared, the short temper, the annoyed attitude and not always nurturing spirit …WHAT? God? Uh…remember, I am not good at this thing. I have two already and feel overwhelmed with if I am going to feed them the right things, discipline them correctly, lead them to independence without too many issues. Oh, and remember I get easily stressed out.
So, I guess what I am trying to say is that I am comforted that God is using this weakness as His greatest opportunity. It’s not about me. (I forget that a lot). He is faithful even when He is silent or says no but He always gives us grace and mercy that is perfectly fit for each situation. What I mean by Him saying no to us was when we asked if this was all our family needed to contain…and He said, “Nope.” But I do think its kind of cute that He knew I probably would not want to be pregnant again..so maybe that is why He gave me two at once.
Ah…comfort in that.

*Side note…I am getting more and more excited about little Hoops and Yoyo! I can’t imagine not having twins at this point. But I am still scared (and exhausted) out of my mind when it comes to thinking about the reality of them actually being here.

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