Hard Day (but maybe the rest of the day will go better)

Woke up feeling pretty good.
Ate Oatmeal.
Threw up oatmeal.
Watched my son get clobbered by a disassembled crib leaning up against the wall that fell over on top of him.
Sassy daughter…which really means she is just tired.
Grumpy son…which really means he needs naps.
No food in the house.
*We did successfully make it to Whole Foods and Sunflower Market with no dramatic interupption other than C falling and scraping her knee.
Went to two stores and came home with no dinner plans even though I spent $80.
Ate a gigantic Boars Head pickle the way home.
Got home wanted to puke again.
Made a flop of mac and cheese in a box for the kids.
Felt like I was going to puke after making my lunch, tuna.
Got poked in the nose by R’s extremely sharp fingernails.
Started spotting…again.
And it has only been half the day.

Now…I will make myself take a nap, eat an apple with peanut butter, and try to drink water in between dreaming so I can hit my gallon a day goal.

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