The Mother of Inventions

At the dinner table tonight, I came up with the mother of all inventions…a force field around my body that would repel little people reaching and touching and kicking and feeling and flailing all over me. Imagine this invisible bubble that would surround you at a certain time when you have hit your limit or you just want to eat in peace…I started cracking up at the thought of it. I imagined C trying to lean in and grab me and bouncing way back in amazement and shock. Oh it is so funny. And when R tries to pinch your arms and squish his food on your forearm, his arm would fly up and the food would land on his head. Too funny.

One response to “The Mother of Inventions”

  1. if I didn't know you were preggo, i'd think you'd had a few too many margs….:) Oh, and by the way…I want one of your \”inventions\”. sounds like a million dollar deal.

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