Taking Responsibility

A common theme of wisdom has knocked on my door lately: Take responsibility for my own life…..really.

Ok, how old am I? Yes, a young 28 years. But not until recently has this really pierced home in my spirit. I look around and see more and more responsibility stacking up with family, a house to take care of, relationships to nurture, mouths to feed healthily, leadership of young lil’ minds….

I get a little freaked out. I want to go on autopilot. But where is the living in that? Or I could also just ignore the responsibilities and just pretend like I am taking care of it until one day the ol’ principle of “you reap what you sow” will hit me in the face like an unexpected baseball hit as a line drive. I could blame all this lack of responsibility attitude on my generation…the narcissistic “It’s wasn’t my fault….” Nope. When I don’t own up, it is my fault. If my finances look like poo, it is my fault- not the banks, not my parents, not the lack of money…Or if I look back on the past and say, “Man, I wish I did….” Well, the only person to blame is myself. Nothing will change unless it is me who takes responsibility for my piece of the pie.

I read this this morning and it is perfect for what I am learning:
“You have to own your days, every one of them, or else the years go by and not one of them belong to you.” Herb Gardner.

So, with each day- whether mundane grocery runs and errand duties or exciting adventures, I have a choice. I can take responsibility and make it what I want to make it. Own it. Live in each day.

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