Gender Determination Day

It is four hours before our midwife appointment and I am anxious (partially because we ran out of Decaf coffee and so I am having regular coffee today). We find out today, if all is positioned right, if the twins are little girls or little boys or one of each. I am thankful for the distraction of having one of my best friends in my life here over the weekend to distract me. It is not like if I think about it more it will change or affect anything; it is just fun to ponder the possibilities. Just think in one swoop we are changing our family dynamics. Last night, my sweet hubby and I enjoyed the summer night air by rocking on our porch swing. We talked for over an hour. I love that he puts up with how I have to analyze things to the very last detail- even before they happen. He is very patient and gracious with me. He entertains my silly thoughts. I thought I would share some of the conversation last night. And years after they have been born and in our life, we can come back to this blog and laugh at some of the fears and thoughts that went on in my brain.

Ok, so my gut is they are boy/girl twins. Same with Josh. I think there is a least one girl because almost immediately I came of with “THE NAME” for a girl…even before I knew they were twins. Josh just thinks they B/G because….that is logical. ha. We discussed my fear of having two girls. Which, in the end, isn’t really a fear but more of a nervous that I would be chosen for a mostly girl family. Thankfully, Josh was raised up around three other girls so he knows the ropes. I was saying that I can picture Ryker being the brother to all sisters but I cannot picture Copeland having three sisters. It doesn’t sit right in my brain. But God works it allllllll out. Now, if they were three boys…now that would be fun! It would be like growing up for me. Whatever genders God chose for our family- He will give us strength and mercy, just has He has every step of the way. I just wanted to be honest with what I was feeling.

I will keep you posted about Hoops and Yoyo…what do you guys think?

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