Opening of My Eyes

What an honor to hear yesterday’s news… “Well, looks like two boys!” Josh and I were in such shock. Really?! Are you sure? Oh yes! We double checked and clearly there were some appendages between the little legs. We were in such amazement as we watched the both of them flip and turn and switch places. It just so fits.

When we talked the other night on the porch swing, I had said, “I just can’t imagine Copeland having sisters.” Well, now I know why. She will be the only girl. Just like me. Except I was the baby. And she will be the oldest. Definitely a different experience will come of life with three brothers as the oldest than what I experienced, but we will have this unique bond. I told her yesterday that she will be the princess of the family. (And of course, I am the queen.) But how sweet is that. She is all the more special to me. The twirly dresses and dance shows, the pretend tea parties and princess movies, the pretending she is a mommy…all will be desperately cherished as I watch my only daughter grow into a woman.

Seriously, I am speechless that God would chose us to have THREE men to train up and lead to be strong in their faith. We need some strong men in this world, and I am honored to be apart of their lives. I can’t imagine all the things they will face, but I know it is my passion to be their prayer warriors and to fight for them everyday of my life. No matter what they do, any of my children, I am forever invested in them and I pray each of their lives are blessed and full of joy and most of all love.

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  1. Kristin~ Kristy shared your blog with me. CONGRATS !!! THREE boys !!! YIPEEEEE! I have said, for the last 17 years. 3 BOYS NOTHIN BETTER!!! and of course one little girl to boot :-)~ we know the joy all to well! Blessings on you all!~Kendra(Nate's best buddy, AC's, mom ; -))

  2. You are so right! God has given you these boys to train up in the faith and I KNOW you will! What an awesome calling! I love your passion for your kiddos, their futures, and your family. I'm so excited for you.

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