On Top of My Game

Rarely, and I mean RARELY, do I ever feel on top of my game, but this week I have turned a page in my accomplishment book. I don’t know if it is that Copeland has been in VBS every morning or if it was the renewed spirit of keeping my own house after our month long vacation or …. ???? But I have discovered a method to contain my madness of never ending laundry, dishes, cleaning, humdrum.

The Method:
Every night I run the dishwasher…this makes for less dishes to actually wash after dinner…new motto: STICK IT IN THE DISHWASHER.
Every night I run a load of laundry and stick it in the dryer before heading up for bed.
Every morning- unload dishwasher and unload the dryer full of clean clothes.

So far, I have been on top of the dishes and laundry that the effort to do the other chores around the house seems less daunting. Maybe some of you already have a handle on this. Good for you. But for me, I am excited that something has finally clicked for me! It makes me a happier mommy and easier to live with wife.

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  1. God is giving you wisdom, sweetheart. He knows how to guide you to prepare you for motherhood x 2 again! =D Love u…Mom Chadwick

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