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I would love to know how you entertain your children while cooking dinner (other than the boob tube)…

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  1. **Floor puzzles at my feet. They can get in the way, but I feel like then we are still spending time together.**pipe cleaners. They can make all sorts of contraptions with them.**That's the time my kids get REALLY wound up, so they literally do laps around our house. (It used to bug me, but now I realize they REALLY need that release.) Mine also play in the backyard ALL the time. (my kitchen window looks right at it.)Good luck!**If I can tell they need down time, I put a book on tape in or Adventures in Odyssey cd's.

  2. I turn on the radio in the kitchen and get Addison Dancing, it entertains Callie and Addison has a great time. Sometimes I let Addison help depending on what we are doing, my mom used to with me and I think that is why I enjoy cooking so much now

  3. This is definitely a hard time of the day. Here are some things I do.I have an extra table in our kitchen since we have our regular table in our dining room but you could also use your kitchen table, just would have to clean up before dinner.Anyways, I have a box of play dough, coloring books, magic wonder books, water colors, little felt balls that they sort into egg containers, construction paper and washable markers, etc. These are just a few things we have on the side of this table. I call it \”table time\” and so they each grab a chair and we pick one or two activities from the list total and then they play while I cook. Otherwise, they also play outside because our yard is fenced in and I can see them from the window. I don't know if any of these would work, but just a few things I have done to try and help this time of the day. I also have my ipod playing so I can \”jam\” to music while cooking and oftentimes that alone helps the boys either settle or dance or just chill out and watch or help me.

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